Kudo Cards can help change culture

How gutefrage.net used Kudo Cards and changed their culture

Wie können Kudo Cards helfen, die Kultur einer ganzen Organisation zu verändern?

Lassen Sie sich von diesem Beispiel aus dem Jahr 2014 inspirieren.

At Happy Melly we believe that good management shouldn’t be just about practices, but even more about principles. Management 3.0 for instance isn’t a ‘method’. It’s a concept. On the other hand, in order to learn how to do things, people need concrete practices. Things they can work on, starting next Monday. One of those practical things is using Kudo Cards: cards that you can use to show your appreciation for what your co-workers have done. I wrote about them before, right here. This time I talked about Kudo Cards with Robert Misch, a great guy who works at ...