Agile Games Workshop

International Scrum Gathering 2014, Berlin

Agile Games Workshop
We do expect a lot from our agile teams: excelling in self-organisation, delivering high quality code frequently and – on top – improving from iteration to iteration. Sometimes teams feel overextended without efficient training to master all these expectations. Remember: Even Olympic gold medalists work out continuously throughout their career, although they are already the best in their field. Same with Agile: It's about continuous learning and improving. Agile Games are great to a) initially learn the key values and principles of Agile and b) repeat and „re-learn“ them continuously while having lots of fun.

During this session we will be playing selected games such as „The Rope Game“, „1-I-A Game“, „Ship Game“ and „Spider Net“.
Last not least I will introduce some „1 minute games“ (it only takes couple of minutes to play them without preparation) on "Change" (What is change? Why is change needed?)

After each game we will do a short retrospective to summa
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